Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There have been times in my life that, looking back seem to have a golden glow.  Where dreams and actions and people and places come together to create a slice of life that just works out a little better than we are used to.  Maybe a little bit better than we could hope for.

One of the best 2 years of my life occurred while I was in watchmaking school.  The first year was spent in both physical and mental refinement,  grinding away at excess movement and any thought that kept us out of the zone where watchmaker go to do their finest work.  We worked on accuracy first and then worked toward the next level of smallness.  At each step and at each new challenge we were asked to accomplish, there was a sense of doubt across the whole class.   It all seemed too impossible, too difficult, and yet we were able to concur each new challenge.  Sharing ideas and strategies and helping each other out the best we could.

I continue to be impressed at how much respect we all had for each other.  We came from very diverse backgrounds.  Construction worker, Social Worker, Medical Doctor, Professor, Machinist, IT professional, Aircraft Mechanic.  These people and the instructors genuinely added to my life and I am blessed to have known them.

After 2 wonderful and hope filled years in training, I passed the final tests and was offered a job working for a large mechanical watch manufacturer in rural Pennsylvania.